Upcoming performances:

I keep forgetting I have website so this never gets updated, but Google is a thing so it’s all good.

  • 27/10/17 4pm New Project scratch – Battersea Arts Centre (contact me for invite).
  • 18/11/17 Wordlife Sheffield (Spoken Word Set)
  • 02/12/17 Stroud (Spoken Word Set)
  • 18/12/17 Milk Poetry Bristol (Spoken Word Set)
  • 17/01/18 Live Before You Die Norwich Arts Centre
  • 08/01/18 Live Before You Die Battersea Arts Centre
  • 09/01/18 Live Before You Die Battersea Arts Centre
  • 10/01/18 Live Before You Die Battersea Arts Centre
  • 16/02/18 Live Before You Die Exeter Phoenix
  • 20/02/18 Live Before You Die Peterborough
  • 28/03/18 Barnstable college (Spoken Word Set)
  • 12/05/18 Normal Festival of the Brain – Folkestone
  • 06/06/18 Live before You Die Salford
  • 19/09/18 Weston College, Weston Super Mare (Spoken Word Set)


  • Click to read TASYL reviews from Edinburgh 2014:

An early version of the show was scratched at the Bristol Old Vic. The comments bellow are taken from audience feedback forms.
  • “Would recommend it highly. Honest , touching and full of intelligence and humour. Would like to see the piece in as many places as possible. It encourages tolerance and understanding, which is so rare in any genuine way …the best play I have seen at Bristol Old Vic”

  •  “An extremely open account of Byron’s experience of mental illness that he somehow managed to make extremely funny. Fascinating show, sparked lively debate…”

  •  “An onslaught of poetic genius that hits you from the beginning and never really lets up, giving a confessional and brutally honest account of what is to have mental illness.”

  •  “It would be great if psychiatrists, ward staff and other mental health professionals saw this, certain professionals would benefit from better insight into what the practice and how it affects individuals”

  •  “Wildly funny, deeply moving, exhilarating the best thing I’ve seen in months …Should be filling large theatres every night”

  •  “Brilliant and engaging performance, funny, sad, one of the best performances I’ve seen in Bristol. …loved what I saw, would like to see more. I wish I had come with friends. Please do this again”

  • “Indescribable, genius …I want to take all my friends to see it”
  •  “I’d like to see this piece being watched by a big audience, it’s a powerful message that needs to be shared”

  •  “A frank, sensitive and hilarious one man show …would like to see the piece in Theatres, festivals, perhaps more experimentation with video, clowning, spoken word”

  •  “This was a brilliant piece, I wish more of my friends came”
  •  “A cataclysmic plethora of comedy juxtaposed with pathos …A fantastic journey through mental illness”

  •  “A raw confession and description of what it is to live with mental illness, perfect blend between shock and cynical comedy”

  •  “Really enjoyed it, so rare to hear honest accounts of mental illness, challenged lots of my assumptions”

  •  “Fantastic piece”

  •   “Really entertaining and dark”

  • “Experimental, sad, thought provoking, entertaining. Great performance …very good. I recommend”