Talk About Something You Like

Talk About Something You Like is a theatre show about living with a mental health diagnoses. For tour dates and info see the GIGS page of this website. In the following podcasts I’ll be interviewing people who’ve had varied experiences in dealing with mental health issues, in the hope of offering listeners honest insights into topics that are often poorly represented.

Tim Clare – Talk About Something You Like – Podcast 5

In this episode novelist, poet comedian and general polymath Tim Clare discusses anxiety, performance, panic attacks, epiphany blimps and reasonable and compassionate responses to armpit farts.

Released: Sep 6, 2015

The Vacuum Cleaner – Talk About Something You Like – Podcast 4

In this podcast I talk to artist and activist The Vacuum Cleaner about hospital, meds, relationships, neuro-diversity and the myth of the insane genius. We chat about how to manage working, the value of being honest about your needs, and how patient led treatment could be the way … read more

Released: Feb 18, 2015

Jonny Benjamin – Talk About Something You Like – Podcast 3

Jonny Benjamin is a mental health activist who’s documentary Finding Mike saw him thrust into the public spotlight earlier this year. In this episode of TASYL we cover delusions, guilt and swapping pills for raisins.

Released: Aug 4, 2014

Kim Noble – Talk About Something You Like – Podcast 2

I spoke to the Perrier award winning BAFTA nominated genre defying properly nice bloke Kim Noble about mental health, sex bits and crying in toilets. Have a listen YOU PERVERTS!

Released: May 12, 2014

Nathan Filer – Talk About Something You Like – Podcast 1

Wanna hear two stuttering men discuss mental health issues? Would it help if I told you that one of them is the author Nathan Filer who’s debut novel about a young man who suffers from a psychotic illness won the 2013 Costa book of the year award. Nathan … read more

Released: Feb 24, 2014