Are you here because someone has made you write some copy for a show I’m doing and you haven’t got a clue who I am? No worries, just cut and paste the text below and put your feet up for ten minutes.

One of BBC poetry season’s New Talent Choices, Byron Vincent is a regular at the nation’s most prestigious literary and music festivals. He has performed several times on television and national radio, including Channel 4’s Random Acts, Radio 4’s Bespoken Word and BBC 3’s The Verb. He was poet in residence for the South West of England for Apples and Snake’s ground braking poetry project My Place or Yours. His first collection Barking Doggerel was released May 2010 by Nasty Little Press. He was co-founder, compere, producer and programmer for one of The UK’s most highly regarded Spoken Word nights at The Bristol Old Vic. Byron has worked as a writer and performer on several theater projects including The RSC’s Midsummer Night’s dreaming. He is also co-creator of bespoke story telling project Made Up, which in its first year won commissions from both MAYK’s Mayfest in Bristol and Escalator East in Norwich. Byron is a resident writer at Bristol’s Kill Your Darlings alongside Nathan Filer, Molly Naylor, Nikesh Shukla, Chelsey Flood and Tom Clutterbuck. He has recently written for The Guardian and Radio 4′s Four Thought.

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Sometimes they let me babble on the tellybox

My solo theatre show about living with a diagnoses of Bipolar Affective Disorder will be touring from summer 2014.

When I’m not self-aggrandising in the third person I like to cringingly over-share as I sink further into a matmos of confused, neurotic, lowbrow analysis in my blog. I’ll also be disseminating my “thoughts” on the Twitters* and the Facebooks* IF I CAN JUST STOP SOBBING INTO THIS TIN OF HALF EATEN SPAGHETTI HOOPS FOR TEN BLUMIN BLOODY FREAKING MINUTES. Am I right?

*I added the S’ in an effort to appear light hearted and whimsical. Wish I hadn’t drawn attention to it now.